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Preparing the lesson of rolling the ball with hands from stability and movement, physical education material for the first grade of primary

Objectives of the lesson of rolling the ball with both hands of stability and movement:

The student rolls the ball with both hands in order to maintain stability and movement in a correct manner

That the student recognize the parts of her body while performing the ball roll

To show the characteristics of a clean student

The general objectives of teaching physical education:

He will reinforce the teachings of the Islamic religion related to physical activity in a manner that is appropriate for the student of this grade.

Acquire behavior that leads to overcoming psychological obstacles.

He acquires behavior that leads to the development of participation with others.

He develops the elements of physical fitness related to health to suit the student of this class.

Acquire the basic principles of mathematical skills in the games prescribed for this grade.

Recognize some health and physiological concepts appropriate for this class.

Learn about some of the important technical and legal aspects of playing sports.

Primary school goals:

تحضير الدراسات الإسلامية خامس

Pledge the correct Islamic belief in the learner's soul and care for an integrated Islamic education in: his character, his body, his mind, his language, and his belonging to the nation of Islam.

Training him to establish prayer and take him with etiquette and virtues.

Develop various basic skills, especially language skill, numerical skill, and motor skills.

Provide him with the appropriate amount of information on various topics.

Introducing him to the blessings of God upon him in himself, and in his social and geographical environment in order to make good use of the blessings, and benefit himself and his environment.

Raising his creative taste, undertaking his innovative activity and developing his appreciation of manual work.

Develop his awareness so that he realizes his duties and rights within the limits of his age and the characteristics of the stage he is going through, and instills love for his country and devotion to his guardians.

Generate his desire to increase useful knowledge and righteous deeds, and train him to take advantage of his spare time.

Preparing the learner for what follows this stage of his life.

mahmoud kamal
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