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Fresca'S STORY



The Bastian Family opened Fresca Taqueria in 2016.
Our story with food started many decades ago when our grandmother Maria del Carmen opened a small restaurant in her house in Arroyo Hondo, Veracruz, Mexico. Mother of seven, she provided all her children with higher education, and many when to become engineers and teachers. Her daughter, Evelia, was just as passionate about food as her mother. After graduating and working as a Spanish teacher in her native Mexico, she migrated to the U.S in the early 2000s. After working in different restaurants for over ten years, she knew it was time to open her restaurant. Together with her husband Lenin and daughter Evelyn, they supported each other and were able to open

Fresca Taqueria. 
Our restaurant started very basic and small, and we improved it little by little as the years passed. We hope you like Fresca as much as we do. 

On behalf of our family, Thank you!!

Our food 

We want to promote Mexican culture through our food. We are mostly know as a Taqueria, which means our Tacos get the spotlight. Even though we focus on tacos we also offer other Mexican dishes, such as Enchiladas, Tostadas and Tortas. We also offer Latin American dishes such as Pupusas.  

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